Tibetan Bridge Carasc

At 270 m in length and weighing in at about 50 tons, the Tibetan Bridge, built by the Fondazione Curzútt – San Barnárd, enables hikers to cross the arduous valley that separates the villages of Monte Carasso and Sementina. The Bridge connects Curzútt and San Bernardo to the Via delle Vigne, making it possible to hike through a landscape rich in history, scenic views and opportunities to enjoy food and wine.

To reach the Tibetan Bridge

– hike to the Bridge from either Sementina or Monte Carasso in 1h30’.
– with the Monte Carasso-Mornera cable car: hours and fares. The Bridge is a 45–60-minute hike from Curzútt.
shuttle bus.
– special group rates: more information is available from the Infopoint.
– private transportation is not possible. The hilly terrain on both slopes offers no parking facilities and cannot be used by private vehicles.

Restaurants on the mountain
– Curzútt: Guesthouse-Restaurant Curzútt
– Mornera: Grotto Mornera
During the high season reservations are recommended.
For more information regarding the Tibetan Bridge: curzutt.ch