Paragliding from Mornera
Paragliding aficionados regard Mornera as one of the most beautiful places in Ticino to practice this discipline. From its 1,380 m a.s.l., enjoy a breathtaking view over the town of Bellinzona and the surrounding valleys. Paragliders come to Mornera from all across Switzerland to benefit from its exceptional thermal conditions, which on a good day allow for long-distance flights. Embedded in lush vegetation, Mornera is a gift of nature like no other in the world which every paragliding fan should visit at least once!

Tandem flight with passengers
A tandem paragliding flight is a wonderful adventure suitable for the entire family, including children. There are no age limits and no particular skills are required for a tandem flight. A short, gentle run is enough to take off, then feel yourself getting lighter and lighter until you soar. Sitting in a comfortable and perfectly safe seat, admire the awesome landscape of Canton Ticino.
To turn this dream into reality, book a tandem paragliding flight with a certified pilot authorized to carry passengers. Flights are available throughout the year (weather permitting), including weekdays. For further information please contact:

FlyTicino –Tandem paragliding flights
Stefano Genazzini & Federico Soldati
Pilots with a tandem license for 2-seater level 3/FSVL
T +41 79 796 76 18

STAMBEKK-AIR (Tandem paragliding flights)
Pilot with a tandem license for 2-seater level 3/FSVL
Lorenzo Barchi
Via Camac 1
6540 Castaneda (GR)
T +41 79 267 83 74

Information for certified pilots
For more information regarding takeoff and landing on Mornera as well as the specific meteorological conditions in Ticino, please check the following link from Club volo libero Ticino.